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Sacramento Tesla Charging Station Installation

You'll save time and convenience with a supercharging system.

You might consider Tesla Charging Station Installation if you've bought a Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3. Whenever you need Tesla Charging Station installed in Greater Sacramento, call Sagan Electric.

With years of experience installing Tesla-specific charging stations in residential and commercial applications, Sagan Electric is the most trusted contractor in Sacramento. Don't let someone new do your Tesla Car Charging Installation - trust the professional contractor for the best experience.

Tesla Charging Station Installation Services by Expert Contractor in Sacramento

A Tesla charging station is a great convenience for electric vehicle owners. Whenever the vehicle isn't in use, it can charge. You can recharge your electric car at home with a Tesla charging station.

It's important to get a licensed electrician to install an electric vehicle charging station to comply with local regulations, permits, and inspections.

Our Tesla charging station electricians can install a 240V EV charging station. We are talented and guarantee that work will be done by qualified installers who know what they're doing. Besides advice and maintenance, we can help you with repairs.

Hassle-Free Tesla Charging Stations Installation

Our qualified team is expert in installation of super fast-charging stations. There's a NEMA 14-50 receptacle and a 240-volt circuit. Commonly used for larger home appliances, NEMA 14-50 outlets are a popular choice. Charging this way gives you 29 miles per hour.

You can use a dual charger from Tesla to charge your electric car. There's a charger onboard. They charge at 52 mph, which is right on par with the station's output. With this, you can get up to twice as much power as a regular outlet. You get twice the power from a single charger.

Tesla Charging Station Emergency Repair Service

It can be hard to find a repair technician when you want to install a new device. Once you install it, you're worried there won't be any repair options. At Sagan Electric, you can always get Tesla charging station repair services. We also offer 24/7 emergency service, so you're always taken care of.

Is Tesla Charging Station Installation Required by A Professional Contractor?

Sometimes it's challenging to find a charging station on the go. Having no power while driving your Tesla is the last thing you want. It's really convenient to power your vehicle at home with a Tesla home charging station. Your Mobile Connector will charge your phone some overnight, but not fully. Using the Tesla Connector, you can charge your car completely in just a few hours using your home's electrical panel. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, the station keeps you going in Sacramento.

Contact Sacramento's #1 EV Charger Experts Today

Our experts are here to help you figure out which charging station components are most suitable for your EV and lifestyle. As well as other systems that have been around for a while, we work with today's models. Our team will ensure you know everything you need about your new Tesla charging station in Sacramento.

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Our experts are here to help you figure out which charging station components are most suitable for your EV and lifestyle.

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