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At Sagan Electric, innovation and excellence are at the forefront of our approach. We specialize in electrical installation, service, repair and maintenance, serving the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We serve the Greater Sacramento Region and surrounding areas.

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About Sagan Electric


Founded by Vasiliy Sagan, our dynamic and talented company specializes in a wide range of electrical services including installations, repairs, maintenance and more for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We pride ourselves in our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, earning us a reputation of being a leader in the Greater Sacramento region and beyond. Our team of highly skilled and experienced electricians and technicians are committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship and service to all of our customers. For all your electrical needs, look no further and trust Sagan Electric to deliver outstanding results.

Meet the Business Owner

Vasiliy SaganVasiliy Sagan was born in Ukraine and moved to Sacramento, California a young age. After spending many years working as an electrician for a union, he decided to venture out on his own and established Sagan Electric - a local electrical company that prides itself on offering superior electrical services to the community. Through diligent effort and a commitment to excellence, Vasiliy has gained a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy professional in his field. He places a strong emphasis on providing outstanding customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction with his work. Constantly seeking ways to enhance and expand his business, Vasiliy's dedication to his craft has resulted in the continued success of Sagan Electric - a company that is widely acknowledged for its exceptional service and professionalism.

Our Mission

Our team's mission is to pool and benefit our clients with our expertise developed over the years. We make customer service our priority by committing to respect all of our customers, our suppliers, and the contractors with whom we work. We are also committed to working meticulously, completing all our projects diligently, on time, and providing impeccable service.


The Sagan Electric team has the necessary expertise to carry out your new construction or renovation project. We carry out electrical work for single-family homes as well as for semi-detached, townhouses, condominiums and apartment buildings, etc.

Our expertise ensures quality, meticulousness, and respect for deadlines. We are recognized for the courtesy of our electricians towards the customers visited.

In addition, we are available to respond diligently to service calls with professionalism, regardless of the nature and extent of your problem.


Our expertise in the commercial component materializes with customers who call on us to bid on the electrical component of their project. We work with a growing number of general contractors in the region. We are renowned for maintaining good collaborative relationships with the people involved in the projects: customers, suppliers, contractors, project managers, engineers, as well as all trades construction. We guarantee quality work carried out according to established deadlines and budgets.

We work as much in new construction as in the renovation of buildings such as office buildings, storage buildings, commercial buildings such as banks, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and clinics (veterinarian, medical & rehabilitation), etc.

We are also responsible for maintenance for certain commercial customers, particularly in restaurants in the region.


At the institutional level, Sagan Electric participates in renovation work in public or private buildings such as schools in the region, higher education establishments (private and public), and hospitals. Specifically, the company participates in the repair of electrical installations (heating, lighting, fire alarm, etc.) and the refurbishment of premises, cafeterias, offices, etc.

In addition, the company carries out renovation work and service calls in municipal buildings (recreation centers and community centers) and sports facilities for various municipalities in the region.

Schools, health facilities, and penitentiaries are some of the facilities in the institutional sector. Electricians are constantly called upon to repair, adjust or modify an electrical installation in these organizations.

For complete or partial renovations, for minor or major modifications to electrical installations, trust an institutional electrician from Sagan Electric.

Sagan Electric has a dozen trusted electricians, journeymen, and apprentices among its team, who can meet your needs, whatever your project.


The duties of an industrial electrician are different from a commercial electrician. The experience levels needed for an industrial electrical expert requires quality training.

In the commercial or residential sector, problems are often easier to spot and correct, while in the industrial sector, they are more complex.

The Sagan Electric team is authorized to participate in plant expansions and redevelopments. We connect ventilation systems, motors, frequency converters (drive), devices, and industrial machinery. We also install and replace lighting to help save energy.

In addition, we perform maintenance in selected industries in the region.

Why Choose Us

Quality Work

Whether for an installation, verification, or troubleshooting service, maintenance or electrical or heating installation, for a small or large project, residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional, Sagan Electric undertakes to offer you quality works based on the rules and standards of the Electrical Code.


With more than ten years of experience in the field, Sagan Electric can adapt to all your types of projects and requirements. Whether new installations or renovations of old buildings - we have the individually suitable solution for every object. We carry out all work reliably and professionally in accordance with the recognized rules of technology.

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden charges in our services. We will let you know what you should pay upfront after assessing the nature of your issue and determining what is expected.

On-Time Service

Time is money! We won’t keep you waiting for our technicians to fix the issue in your home or carry out new installations. We treat your issue as an emergency, so we will always be at your home or facility on time to conduct the necessary repairs.

Beyond these aspects, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on the use of our services. For all electrical work, either during the renovation or construction of your home, office, or business, we are proud to participate. Get a free and fast estimate today! We take the time to study your project to meet your needs better.

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