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Sacramento Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement

If it has been some time since your electrical panel was installed, it is time to consider an electrical panel upgrade or panel repair and replacement.

Contacting the pro electrician at Sagan Electric if you see flickering lights or smell the odor of hot plastic burning could stop your Sacramento home from catching fire and causing other damages. We perform electrical panel upgrades inside the Greater Sacramento Region to modernize your electrical fuse box and prevent electrical breakdowns in your home. Electrical issues are a dead duck in older homes. An upgrade can fix several problems with old panel boxes.

Call for information on electrical panel repair or electrical panel replacement in Sacramento.

Signs that You Need an Electrical Panel Repair or Panel Replacement

Circuits are only designed to entertain a certain degree of current. If the amount of current exceeds what a circuit can hold, the breaker heats up, and the power flow is shut down.

An electrical panel upgrade becomes quite a necessity when you have been living in an old Sacramento home. The older your home is, the more likely you will need frequent electrical panel repair or replacement.

Here are some signs that you need to hire an electrician for electrical panel repair:

  • Your circuit breaker is repeatedly tripping.
  • You are unable to reset your circuit breaker.
  • Your circuit breaker heats up.
  • You can smell smoke from the electrical panel.
  • The wires inside the electrical panel appear to be melted or frayed.
  • The electrical panel is producing sizzling noises.

Besides, homes with old electrical systems are not designed to accommodate the modern appliances that our lives depend on today. So at Sagan Electric, you can come to us for electrical panel replacement or upgrade to ensure that all your electrical needs are fulfilled. We will provide you with our best electrician.

We realize the importance electricity has in our day-to-day lives. Hence, we are always here to ensure you do not have to spend a single day of inconvenience. So, whenever you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above in your Sacramento home, call us so we can send our best electrician to your place for panel repair or panel replacement.

Electrical Panel Repair at Sagan Electric

At Sagan Electric, we value your convenience and time. So, we make sure to thoroughly evaluate your electrical panel before performing the actual service, whether you hire us for panel repair or panel replacement.

A thorough home inspection and panel assessment allow us to detect and identify all electrical issues in your household. Not only does this help us in electrical panel upgrade, panel replacement, and panel repair, but it will also help us offer viable solutions for any minor problems we may find during our inspection.

Here are some of the electrical panel upgrade services that we offer here at Sagan Electric:

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade:If you recently purchased some new electronics and now your electrical panel is frequently tripping, it's time you call us for an electrical panel upgrade so the panel replacement will be able to meet your increased needs.
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement: If your Sacramento household's electrical fixtures are not functioning properly, you can call our electrician for circuit breaker replacement.
  • Additional Circuit Installation: If you have installed new lighting throughout your Sacramento home, it might be a good idea to install more circuits so that the electricity delivery in your home might be improved accordingly.
  • Electrical Panel Rewiring: We care about your family's safety just as much as you. So, we recommend our clients to get electrical panel rewiring from us every couple of years to ensure there is no risk to your family's safety and you can sleep with peace of mind.
  • Replacing Bus Bar: A bus bar replacement is essential for Sacramento homes as it guarantees your home's protection and your family's safety from fire hazards.
  • Electrical Panel Relocation: If you recently moved into a new home and are not satisfied with the placement of your electrical panel, feel free to call Sagan Electric to relocate it. We can also perform other services such as electrical panel upgrade, panel repair, and panel replacement if that is something you require.

Electrical Panel Upgrade, Panel Replacement, and Panel Repair Done Right

We do not care where you are located as long as it is somewhere in the Greater Sacramento Region or nearby; we have covered you. Whenever you need any service related to your electrical panel upgrade, panel replacement, or panel repair, we are the first ones you should call.

Here is a list of reasons why we are the best choice for electrical panel upgrade, panel replacement, and panel repair

Why Choose Sagan Electric?

Sagan Electric is the best local electrician in Sacramento. We are the city's residents' first choice whenever they require an electrician's services for an electrical panel upgrade. We are so greatly loved by the residents of Sacramento because of the excellent service we provide. We promise our customers the following

Expert Technicians

We employ individuals that are highly qualified and skilled in performing electrical works. You can count on the expertise of the electrician that we send to your home and trust that they will perform the electrical panel upgrade job perfectly.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We care more about your satisfaction and less about making money. Hence, we only mark the job done once you are completely content with the work done by our electrician and your electrical panel upgrade is working perfectly.

Great Customer Service

We believe in building valuable relationships with our clients. This is one of the reasons why our customer service is greatly appreciated. Whatever your problem, just come to us, and our team will be delighted to guide you.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for an electrical panel upgrade, panel replacement, and panel repair in your Sacramento home so we can send our best electrician your way!

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Contact us today for an electrical panel upgrade, panel replacement, and panel repair in your Sacramento home so we can send our best electrician your way!

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