Kitchen Light Ideas for All Kitchen Styles


Kitchen Light Ideas for All Kitchen Styles

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Your kitchen is considered the counter piece of your home. It is the busiest spot of your home where you cook your favorite dishes and gather with friends and family around the table. Your kitchen should be heartwarming, so you can feel happy to welcome visitors to your space. Maintaining the structure, hygiene, and lighting of your kitchen can make a statement about your lifestyle. That's why spending a lot of time on kitchen lighting ideas is essential to create a perfect ambiance in your space.

Upgrading your kitchen lighting can make your property look more attractive and increase its market value. With perfect kitchen lighting ideas, you can set the right atmosphere in your kitchen to cook meals and have family dinners. If you love to arrange parties and host dinners, you need the proper lighting in your kitchen to make your guests feel comfortable and impressed.

Is your kitchen outdated, and you're thinking about a kitchen renovation? If yes, remember to overlook the lighting of your kitchen. Most homeowners need to pay more attention to the lighting when remodeling their outdated kitchen, which can affect your place's overall performance and look.

If your kitchen renovation project involves more than just swapping fixtures, it is vital to get assistance from an experienced electrician for the best kitchen lighting ideas. A renowned team of electricians like Sagan Electric will not provide you with fantastic kitchen lighting ideas but also give essential information on energy efficiency.

5 Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas for all Kitchen Styles

If you need help determining what type of lighting you should use in your kitchen to make it look classy and dazzling, check out the following kitchen lighting ideas to find the perfect match.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is one of the most famous fixtures for kitchen lighting ideas for all kitchen styles. A light pendant can add essential things to your kitchen to make it stand out. You can use pendants for accent lighting. If you have an expensive kitchen countertop or beautiful kitchen appliances, you can use the kitchen light pendants to show them off dramatically. You can also hang a light pendant over the kitchen sink to make a design statement.

Kitchen pendant lights are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes. They always have a prominent presence in your space, so it is vital to choose the one that can reflect your kitchen décor.

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Pendant Light

  • Go with a pendant that’s open at the top for task lighting
  • Choose a pendant with a light-diffusing shade to avoid circles of super-bright light
  • You can also decide on space pendants if you prefer overall lighting

Glass and billiards-style kitchen light pendants are perfect kitchen lighting ideas for giving your kitchen an elegant and prominent look.

Kitchen Chandelier

Styling kitchen chandeliers is also one of the most common kitchen lighting ideas to make your space look fresh and fashionable. A chandelier mounted over the sink can provide a charming burst of brightness and style for food preparation and kitchen clean-up. You can also hang a mini-chandelier in the center of your kitchen to make a base layer of ambient lighting. If you have a kitchen with a high ceiling, a chandelier can be a significant choice to make your space brighter than ceiling lights and recessed lighting.

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Chandelier

  • The chandelier you choose for your kitchen should be about 12 inches narrower than the dining table's surface.
  • Install several small chandeliers rather than just one more enormous chandelier to get the right light in your kitchen.

A rustic or black iron chandelier can add the perfect ambiance to your space if you have a farmhouse-styled kitchen. You can choose a modern and minimalist kitchen chandelier to give your place a bold and trendy fixture.

Full Kitchen Lighting

The full kitchen lighting ideas are popular among homeowners who want to light up the entire space. Your kitchen requires a lot of brightness during certain times of the day, so full kitchen lighting ideas are ideal for the best function. Ceiling lights are also preferable for lighting up your entire kitchen.

Recessed lighting is also gaining popularity in kitchen lighting ideas. Many homeowners have more than one central fixture protruding from the ceiling, giving their place a brighter appearance. Recessed lighting fixtures can be embedded above the roof, brightening the room without becoming a visual aesthetic.

You can also upgrade your kitchen lighting from globe fixtures to flush mount to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter with an unobstructed ceiling. When using recessed lighting in your kitchen, pay special attention to the joist locations so the lights can be spaced evenly.

Kitchen String Lights

String lights are unique kitchen lighting ideas highly admired by people who want to make their kitchen look classy and vibrant all the time. This type of lighting enhances the mood of your kitchen space while giving it an aesthetic appearance. String lights are evenly spaced, which can make a statement about your kitchen style.

You can highlight the entrance of your kitchen with string lights. These kitchen lighting ideas are a cute touch and great for open spaces. String lights can also transform your usual kitchen cabinets into stylish displays.

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lights

Under-cabinet light is the most helpful kitchen lighting idea to give your space a special twinkle. It can create a direct focus on the worktop. You can install LED strips under the wall cabinets to brighten the dull corners.

Always go with warm, light LED strips if you have a neutral-colored backsplash. But if you have cool-colored kitchen décor, cool or white strips can do wonder for your space.

The Bottom Line

Your kitchen is one of the significant spaces that need a mix of different lights to help you work more efficiently. With proper lighting, you can make your kitchen more inviting. You can use the above-mentioned kitchen lighting ideas to remodel your space into a vibrant and brighter room. For more kitchen lighting ideas, you can contact Sagan Electric.

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