Is Your Electrical Contractor Properly Licensed, Trained, Certified, and Insured?


Is Your Electrical Contractor Properly Licensed, Trained, Certified, and Insured?

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Through a long-standing dedication to brilliance in our business, safe work practices, reasonable estimates, a laser-like focus on finances, ethics and integrity and sincerity, and dedication to our citizens and our neighborhoods, the electrical contracting specialists at Sagan Electric have earned the confidence of general contractors (GCs) and home consumers throughout the Sacramento Region and more.

You may be sure that choosing Sagan Electric for your upcoming commercial, medical, commerce, or instructional project is the right choice in this regard. However, when GCs and ultimate consumers review electrical companies, they should also be certain that the company they choose has the appropriate licenses, qualifications, and insurance.

Any gaps, ambiguities, or contradictions in these three categories should raise serious concerns at the onset of your review process and force you to ask probing questions. Let's examine each in greater depth in this blog.


While having active licenses in all pertinent locations may appear to be a certainty in electrical servicing, it's crucial, especially for work that spans numerous states, territories, and jurisdictions. At Sagan Electric, we are insured contractors, able to provide regional electrical contracting services.

We hold all municipal permits required across the Sacramento Region and are a licensed electrical contractor for all areas. In addition to maintaining the necessary infrastructure and tools, which include 40 service trucks deployed across the nation, we also provide the labor whenever and wherever it is required. Contact us if you need a licensed electrical contractor.


Construction projects involve many moving elements and are complicated operations. As a result, there are many chances for mistakes, omissions, and accidents. The licensed electrical contractor you employ for your upcoming project must be insured contractors and have coverage for every component of their job that falls under the purview of your project.

Like proper certification, appropriate bonding and insurance safeguard you and your privileges as the contractor's client. You should demand nothing less from your electrical company than insured contractors with full licensing, bonding, and coverage that Sagan Electric possesses.

Another Pro Tip

It is not sufficient to simply have your licensed electrical contractor confirm that they are duly qualified, skilled, licensed, and insured. Instead, you should check their assertions to be sure they're true. To ensure that your choice is entirely accurate, check their credentials yourself to make sure they are insured contractors. There are many differnet ways to hire an eltrician that is best for you.

Accreditation and Skills

Again, a sensible person would assume that training and certification would be necessities in a profession as demanding as electrical contracting, and they would be dead on. Sadly, not all skilled and insured contractors have a strong commitment to appropriate education and licensing.

We have continued to fully commit to extensive, continuous training and certification at Sagan Electric. We think trained and licensed electricians provide general contractors (GCs) and end users with the finest mix of knowledge, commitment, and quality.

Our training initiatives and programs are concentrated on two main topics: safety education and technical programs. All Sagan Electric personnel, not just electricians, are obliged to participate in training regularly for certification and vocational training.

Our technicians have finished a training program that the state and federal governments. To stay up to speed with changing requirements, our insured contractors regularly take part in biannual NEC code updates and reviews. Additionally, our construction managers have completed Purdue University's comprehensive management education course, the Electrical Project Management Institute.

We take pride in claiming to provide the most thorough safety training and certification program in the business out of all insured contractors. It would be difficult to locate insured contractors with a more rigorous safety policy.

Thorough drug-free workforce awareness, counseling, and testing are part of our award-winning program. Our electricians have all finally finished the OSHA 10- or 30-hour Construction Safety and Health courses which is one of the many reasons we claim to be the best licensed electrical contractor in Sacramento.

As licensed electrical contractor, we create a site-specific safety strategy at the beginning of each job. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is significantly lower than the sector average of 1.0. Thanks to our unwavering dedication to safety, your project will remain safe, on schedule, and within your budget.

Reasons for the Importance of On-Site Safety

These reasons will further convince you to hire only insured contractors and a licensed electrical contractor for your various electrical projects:


Workplace accidents are caused by unsafe procedures. Aside from the obvious human costs associated with any injury, work-related accidents may result in WC claims and even legal action.

Project Delays

The place of a laborer's injury on the work site immediately becomes an accident scene in the course of OSHA and other agencies' investigations.

This makes that location inaccessible to workers, which frequently causes significant delays. Keeping your project on schedule may be more difficult if an injured worker quits the job site.

Cost Escalation

It is simple to understand that costs linked with any Jobsite are substantial when you factor in potential expenses related to workers' compensation claims, lawyers’ bills, increased insurance premiums, postponement fines, and more.

The licensed electrical contractor you select for your upcoming electrical project must maintain a well-established and thorough safety program that guarantees employees are adequately trained in all aspects of safe work procedures. This reduces workplace accidents and maintains project budgets and timelines. Less than that is not acceptable.

A safe and healthy workplace for employees is of utmost importance to Sagan Electric. In actuality, it would be difficult to find a licensed electrical contractor with a more thorough safety program.

Whatever the nature of your next project, when choosing a licensed electrical contractor for electrical work, make sure they have a thorough and wholly documented safety protocol in place. Its program will assist in ensuring that your contractor remains secure while working. Consequently, your project will stay on schedule and within your allocated budget.

Need a Licensed Electrical Contractor? Contact Sagan Electric for a Licensed Electrical Contractor

We anticipate this blog post will make it easier for you to grasp the value of coverage, education, certification, and licensing for those working in the electrical contracting industry and how our expertise may help you.

Reach out to us at (916)507-0952 if you need a top-notch electrical contracting company for your upcoming corporate, medical, commercial, educational, or retail project if you need the best licensed electrical contractor in town. As a licensed electrical contractor, we will ensure all your electrical needs are completely fulfilled.

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