Installing Tesla Charging Stations


Installing Tesla Charging Stations

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List of Things for a Safe Tesla Charging Station’s Installation At Home

Once you decide to install a Tesla charging station at home, a few decisions must be made regarding the positioning, design, and if you want to go with an installation service provider. From our experience with installing Tesla charging stations, we have given a list of important things to consider because it becomes much easier when a licensed expert gives solid advice, so take it and keep reading.

Choosing the Tesla Wall Connector

Tesla wall connector is basically an EV charger made by Tesla, especially in the case of Tesla’s range of electric (EV) vehicles. For model X, model S, and model 3, Tesla recommends the wall connector. So, whenever you are installing Tesla charger, make sure to choose the wall connector in your Tesla charging station at home.

Selecting the Tesla Wall Charger

In Tesla, currently, ‘Gen 2’ and ‘Gen 3’ are available for purchase. Gen 2 is from the previous generation of wall connectors, having price and few functional differences. You can check out detailed information about the product on Tesla’s website. The cable has different lengths, from 2.6m (Gen2) to 7.3m (Gen 2 and Gen 3). For information about cable organizers, check accessories on the website. Conduct detailed research about the wall connectors when you install the Tesla charging station at home.

Installing Multiple Tesla Wall Connectors

Do you want to install multiple Tesla wall connectors for simultaneously charging more than one Tesla at home? Then consider installing Tesla charger of the Gen 3 model because it can share the power, which means that by installing the Gen 3 Tesla charging station, up to six connected units can automatically distribute charge power in multiple Teslas with different charge statuses.

Multiple Gen 3 wall connectors can be supported in a single home electrical circuit. The advantage is when each Tesla comes back home, all of them can be put on charge and be ready when next needed.

Positioning and Location

There are various things to be considered when installing a Tesla charging station, and one of them is location.

Always consider ‘little things’ important enough to avoid regrets later.

  • When is your Tesla normally home’ day or night?
  • How many times do you use it?
  • Do you make short trips frequently or longer regular trips?
  • Will you require short and quick charges or longer and fill duration charges?
  • According to preference, when will you charge your Tesla?
  • What is the place where you park your Tesla, and does it vary?

The location of charge port of a Tesla is located at the left rear taillight. This is very important for your installation location. Make sure the charger reaches the Tesla wherever you decide you park it. Installing Tesla charger in the right place will make it very easy for you.

Important Outside Factors to Consider

  • While your Tesla is charging, do other vehicles need to be parked at the property?
  • Are there any other electric vehicles that need to charge?
  • Is there sufficient space in the area surrounding your Tesla’s location for usability and safety?
  • Is your proposed location protected for the charger from moving or heavy objects such as garage doors, trees, and extreme sun?
  • Is it safe installing Tesla charger in your proposed location, and is it not a hazard for any other vehicle or people walking by?

Whenever you decide to install a Tesla charging station at home, always consider these minor things because they seem small but can become regretful later if not taken care of properly.

The Above List of Things Can Influence Your Thinking Regarding

  • The Tesla wall connector is resistant to weather, so consider the location wisely; indoor or outdoor.
  • Where do you want Tesla’s position; in the garage, driveway, or rear of the building?
  • Tesla has a wall connector pedestal, so make sure to decide correctly between the poles mounted or wall mounted options.
  • The other vehicle must not face any difficulty in parking or charging.

When installing Tesla charging station, always keep other vehicles in mind because they should not suffer in any way due to Tesla. Installing Tesla charger near the Tesla will make it easy for both Tesla and other vehicles.

The Electricity Supply

The biggest advantage of installing Tesla charger is Tesla connectors can be customized to almost any power supply. The installer can overview your home Tesla power setup and provide recommendations about what is possible and what is not, considering your preferences.

Do You Have a Solar At Home?

When solar power is low or limited, circuit breakers with low amperage can easily install the Tesla wall connector. The most important thing is that the circuit breaker should match your vehicle’s charging capabilities. So, whenever you decide to install Tesla charger and Tesla charging station, always make sure there is enough power to match your Tesla’s capacity.

The Installation Process

Installing a Tesla charging station at home can take up to a full day or less. It may run a few more days if more complications occur.

The switchboard

The switchboard is the main source or headquarters for the electricity powering in your house. According to Sagan electric’s research, the switchboards are needed to get minor upgrades before the installation of the Tesla charging station. This is to ensure that they operate safely. This supports the effectiveness of your Tesla charging station and, at the same time, protects your property's electrical system. Your technician will deeply examine your Tesla charging station and the switchboard. After this, he will advise or recommend if the switchboard needs to be upgraded.

Choosing the right service for installing a Tesla charging station at home can be very demanding at times, especially when your commute is totally dependent on Tesla. For the right Tesla charging station and installing Tesla charger, you need someone professional; for this, Sagan Electric is perfect. They have a team who will install a Tesla charging station at your home professionally so that you will not have any problems in the future. Contact them now to get started.

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